Making web builds

Tophat games can be exported to run on the web.


On Linux you can use the th_emscripten_link script. When passed files, the script will make a web build of your game and save it to the wasm-out directory. Example:

Before using the script, you need to install emscripten. On Ubuntu, you can do that using apt install emscripten.

$ ls image_the_game_needs.png another_resource.txt
$ th_emscripten_link image_the_game_needs.png another_resource.txt
$ ls image_the_game_needs.png another_resource.txt wasm-out

If you run the script for the first time, it will download some resources from the internet. The script can take some time to run. After it finished, the result is in the wasm-out directory.


Currently there is no way of making web builds directly on windows. It is recommended to make them using WSL2.