struct Ent

type Ent* = struct {
	// used as a collider, used as backup when invalid image is supplied
	r: rect::Rect
	// used in drawing
	i: image::Image
	// used to transform and translate the image and rect
	t: th::Transform
	// used as a color of the rect and a color filter for the image
	c: uint32

Entity is the main game object. It features drawing and collisions. Every entity has an image used for drawing and a rectangle used for collisions. It also has a transform used for transforming it's image and rectangle.

struct Coll

type Coll* = struct {
	index: th::uu
	pos: th::Vf2

Value returned by get coll. It contains a position where the collision happened and the index of the entity involved in said collision.

fn Ent.draw

fn (e: ^Ent) draw*() {

Draws the entity onto the screen.

fn mk

fn mk*(img: image::Image = image::Image{}, t: th::Transform = th::Transform{ s: {1, 1} }): Ent {

ent's constructor

fn Ent.getColl

fn (e: ^Ent) getColl*(s: []^Ent, maxColls: th::uu): []Coll {

Checks collisions of e with entities in s. Checks at max maxColl collisions. If s contains e, the collision won't be returned.

fn Ent.animate

fn (e: ^Ent) animate*(fps: int, frames: ^[]image::Image, t: int) {

Animates the entity's image with one of the anim array. Won't begin on the first frame. If you want that, use anim.Anim.