struct Anim

type Anim* = struct {
	// the source atlas
	atl: atlas::Atlas
	// the first cell of the animation
	min: int
	// the last cell of the animation
	max: int
	fps: real32
	// offset in time
	offset: int

Anim allows you to animate between individual frames of an atlas.

fn mk

fn mk*(atl: atlas::Atlas, fps: int, min: int = 0, max: int = -1 /* len(atl) - 1 */, offset: int = -1 /* th.time */): Anim {

Anim constructor

fn Anim.animate

fn (anm: ^Anim) animate*(time: int) {

Crops the base atlas to the cell that should be visible at time.

fn Anim.framesPlayed

fn (anm: ^Anim) framesPlayed*(time: int): int {

Returns how many frames were played at time.