The first step on the road to using tophat is to install it. If you download the prebuilt binaries, it is a very simple process.

Installing tophat on Linux

All commands are prefixed either using $ or #. The former is used for commands that can be run as a normal user, latter is used for commands requiring root privileges.

First you have to download tophat from this page. You can do that manually or using this curl command.

$ curl -o tophat

When you successfully download the binary, the next step is to install it to a directory, which is in the system path. For example /usr/bin.

# install tophat /usr/bin

To check if tophat was installed correctly, run tophat version.

Installing tophat on Windows

Download the tophat exe from the downloads page. Then move it to a folder of your liking. Whenever you want to make a tophat project, it is recommended to make a shortcut to tophat in the project directory. This way you won't have to use the file dialog every time you run your game.

Running the examples

To run the examples, clone the tophat repository. The examples are in the examples/ folder. On linux, cd to an example you want to run and type tophat. On windows, launch tophat and choose the folder of the example you want to run.

Text editors with umka support

No text editors support umka out-of-the-box, but there are available extensions for the most popular ones.